Welcome to WorkSync

WorkSync grew out of Attendance on Demand, a leader in time and labor technology since 2006, and has built upon its legacy with a unique consultative approach to customer success.

Who We Are


WorkSync — the newest release from Attendance on Demand (AOD) — is a state-of-the-art workforce management solution that empowers employees, streamlines workflows, and reduces compliance risk. We are focused on helping businesses reach their goals by increasing employee engagement, improving customer experience, lowering operating expenses, minimizing risk, and automating accurate payroll.

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We believe in the power of working together as a team. We are committed to creating a collaborative space that empowers employees to be their very best — and our product reflects this.


We genuinely care about our employees, partners, and customers, and we strive to communicate in the most human, authentic way we can. Maintaining trust and transparency is essential to who we are.


We are problem solvers above all. When obstacles arise for our customers, we are dedicated to finding unexpected, effective approaches to overcome them. We love coming up with creative solutions.


We are continually searching for new ways of doing things — both within our product and in how we serve our customers. We aim to be at the cutting edge of workforce technology.


We pride ourselves on our flexibility. From the nature of our product to how we do business, we adapt to the needs of an ever-changing workforce and can pivot to help our partners succeed.


We draw on boundless energy and enthusiasm to deliver above and beyond our partners’ and customers’ expectations. We are eager to take on new challenges and are always thinking two steps ahead.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses overcome their workforce challenges with a collaborative, state-of-the-art solution that empowers employees, streamlines workflows, and enables organizations to thrive.

Our People


What truly sets WorkSync apart is our people. Our team of workforce management experts is defined by commitment, creativity, and integrity — all of which we leverage in service of your organization.

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Our Culture

WorkSync fosters and sustains a culture of excellence by offering team members the resources and support they need to learn, grow, and succeed — within a nurturing, collaborative working environment.