Employee Scheduling

With WorkSync’s dynamic scheduling platform, your business can achieve a seamless, efficient scheduling process that saves time and reduces costs — all while giving your employees greater flexibility and choice.

WorkSync team
WorkSync team
WorkSync team

Schedule the People You Need

Find the best-suited candidates for every open position by defining your various needs, including availability, qualifications, location, rating, and cost. The scheduling workspace offers a clear visual depiction of coverage, convenient cues for over- and understaffing, and helpful notifications of shift assignments and changes.

Empower Your Workforce


Publish schedules to the digital shift board, where employees can easily pick up, drop, or swap shifts themselves. Empower your staff to define their work availability and preferences, which managers can take into account as they build new schedules.

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Enhance Communication mobile dashboard

Enhance Communication


Benefit from instant notifications and messages among employees and managers that ensure fluid communication and increase productivity.

Enable Real-Time Transparency


Employees can punch in and out, check benefit balances, and request leave from their desktop, mobile device, or time clock — and managers always stay up to date.

Enable Real-Time Transparency mobile dashboard
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Manage Leave Effectively


When scheduling, take advantage of automated calculation of sick time, vacation time, and other leave — as well as key factors like hours worked, seniority, employee status, and more.

Respond to Last-Minute Changes


When unexpected changes happen, respond swiftly and efficiently. Find the right replacements for absent workers, allow employees to trade shifts, and enjoy real-time communication with your staff.

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Keep Track of Your Team

Supervise your mobile workforce and guarantee accountability with GPS technology.