Fuel Your Manufacturing Workforce


Workforce management is critical to your manufacturing business — allowing you to schedule skilled workers based on production commitments and employee preferences, immediately address unplanned absences, and automate benefit tracking, shift premiums, and labor reporting. All to help drive productivity and engagement.

Plan Your Workforce and Automate Pay Policies


Make decisions to manage your labor productivity with visibility into unauthorized or unplanned overtime costs. Automate pay rules — such as shift- and job-based premiums, holiday pay, overtime, and benefit calculations — to enable accurate pay and adhere to union and employee agreements.

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Man and woman in a factory working on scheduling

Streamline Scheduling


Schedule qualified workers to meet production commitments with workforce planning that highlights under-scheduled shifts and identifies those approaching overtime or full time. Empower employees and supervisors with a collaborative, human-centered workflow and approval process including availability preferences.

Improve Absence Management


Identify critical labor needs and find ideal replacements by automating the absence management process with real-time alerts and mobile applications. Reduce the cost of absenteeism through automated workflows that identify trends in attendance policy and trigger consistent, impartial notification of formal disciplinary action.

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Key Features


Convenient daily dashboards organized by shift

40 years’ expertise in calculating unique and complex shift premiums, paid time-off rules, and more in accordance with collective bargaining agreements

Efficient editing pages for shift supervisors, with all crew edits accessible on a single page

In-depth labor reporting, including both direct versus indirect and production versus non-production costs

Reoccurring scheduling templates for ease of use and planning

State-of-the-art time clocks designed to operate in manufacturing environments

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