Support Your Staffing Workforce


Contingent, temporary, freelance, affiliate, or contract workers are crucial drivers of value in your service business. Yet in addition to being your largest operating expense, fluctuating labor needs make scheduling complex and time-consuming. That’s why efficient workforce management and planning are critical to company profitability and consumer experience.

Strengthen Communication and Ensure Coverage


Optimize team communication with mobile access, notifications, and alerts. Avoid gaps in coverage through a collaborative scheduling process and real-time notifications of unplanned absences.

Bakery employees using a tablet to schedule and communicate
Meet Customer Demand With Effective Scheduling woman in call center

Meet Customer Demand With Effective Scheduling


Schedule and budget employees and seasonal staff in alignment with year-over-year consumer demand across locations. Meet customer expectations through proactive absence management; locate replacements with appropriate skills, certifications, or licenses; and identify employees approaching overtime and full time, noting proximity to work location.

Manage Absences and Increase Productivity


Increase workforce productivity in critical absence events with automated procedures for call-offs, via mobile app, text messaging, or phone. Reduce the cost of absenteeism through automated workflows that identify trends in attendance policy and trigger consistent, impartial notification of formal disciplinary action.

Manage Absences and Increase Productivity professional team in office

Key Features


Scheduling that integrates customer demand when assigning shifts to candidates

Interactive shift board that pushes open-shift notifications to available employees

Range of customizable candidate filters, including employee preferences, rankings, availability, skills, and attributes

Free wage advance service that allows employees to be paid instantly for hours worked

Collaboration functionality, including shift swaps and the ability to find and substitute available, qualified staff when last-minute changes occur

Client-based labor reporting, all housed within one central database

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